Frequently Asked Questions

What colors are available?

On the photo strip, we can match any color. Strip items available to change are text, background and photo border. We can also work with you to match curtain colors for the booth given enough time.


Do I need to operate the booth?

No. We provide an attendant to operate the booth for your entire event.


What does the photo booth require for operation?

The most important requirement is power, preferrably within 10 feet of photo booth location. We also require a minimum footprint of 8 ft x 10 ft. This allows us the necessary room for the booth, prop table and slideshow monitor.


Can I get a copy of the pictures taken during my event?

Absolutely! We have event packages that include a disc of all images taken during the event. The disc will include all individual photos, along with strip format photos. We can provide you with the disc immediately after the event, or mail it to you for larger events.


When do you setup/tear down?

We will arrive approx. 30 minutes before your event start time to setup and test the photo booth so we are ready to go by the time your event starts. We will not pack up the booth until your event time ends, per contract. We will ensure full booth operation during your entire event contracted time.


Can I preview the layout of the strip for my event?

Definitely! In fact we prefer to get your approval generally a week before the event. Once we know your requirements (colors, font styles, etc), we can print out test strips and email them to you. It is also possible to make last minute tweaks at the event, but this will increase the setup time of the booth.


What if there is a failure of the booth during my event?

We will do everything in our power to ensure a successful photo booth for your entire event, but unfortunately things happen. We guarantee a 90% uptime of the total contracted event schedule. And if any failure prevents us from fulfilling that operational time, we will prorate that amount and refund you the difference.


What type of props do you provide?

We have a WIDE variety of hats, glasses, mustaches, etc for any event. We are also happy to work with you to provide event specific props if there is a theme, such as wedding, 40th birthday party, graduation party, sweet sixteen, etc.


Can the photo booth be setup outside?

Yes, this is possible. But it comes with many difficulties. Nearby power is a must, and weather conditions will have to be closely monitored. Weather conditions such as wind, rain, and extreme heat can affect the photo booth greatly. Nighttime outdoor events also can affected by bugs, which are attracted to the lights of the booth, and can affect the touch screen operation.


What equipment do you use in your photo booth?

We only use top of the line equipment to ensure a quality photo experience for you and your guests. The two most important pieces of equipment; our camera is a Canon DSLR (no webcam or click-and-shoot here!) and we use a DNP dye-sub printer which ensures quality prints in seconds that are dry to the touch. We also use computer software that is specific to photo booths so we can customize strip layouts, and run a picture slideshow on a 2nd monitor so you and your guests can view pictures real time.


Can I come see the booth/props/photo strips in person?

We'd love to you have visit and check out our operation in person! We are located in Murray, UT. Please email or call to set up an appointment.